The Genre Hustle Podcast

I'd like to share with you a little something some of my writer friends and I have in the works for you.

After extolling the benefits of a writer's group and discussing the benefits of building author platforms, some of my writing friends and I have decided to start a podcast.

With that in mind, I'd like to pre-introduce you to The Genre Hustle, your virtual sci-fi and fantasy writing group! Each episode, we will pick a topic on the craft of writing and discuss it in terms of our own writing, as well as comparing it to published works.

The goal of the podcast is to build a community for non-professional, up-and-coming, and nouveau writers to discuss writing, the struggle of getting published, and improving our craft. Think of it as your virtual writing group!

We have three episodes in the can, so far, and are recording two more this coming Saturday. Look for a website launch and the first few episodes sometime in the next two months. I'll make another, more official announcement at that point.

Think of this as the soft opening before the soft opening.

You've been warned!

A.P. ThayerComment