Another Day, Another Draft

Alright, let me take a moment to really revel in my accomplishment. Toot my own horn and shit. I finished another draft of Rat today! Rat v7.0 is being sent out to my beta readers right now and I am so gods-damned fucking excited!

Pardon my French.

But COME ON! In less than two years I’ve gone from a blob of a story idea through six revisions and come out the other end for a second round of beta reads! And this shit was hard. God, editing? I mean, if you’re new hear, you won’t have heard about my loathing for editing, but the rest of you know… editing is HELL.

It is gods damned satisfying in the end, though. Man.

I’m laughing, because there’s nothing like a deadline to light a fire under your ass.

I had a previous deadline of May 30th in my head, so I was slacking with my editing. Especially since, you know, editing is the worst. Then I found out that the deadline for my beta draft to be ready was May 1st, not the 30th. Shit. Better get on it.

Then I had an opportunity to move my beta up three weeks.


So I went for it. I took a bit of a break from my day job in terms of hours (yay being a contractor) and got it done. I technically have until midnight tonight to do it, but I finished it in the morning and feel damn good about it. Even sent it out to my dad, finally. First time he’s reading the novel in its entirety.

What’s next, then? Laying around? Relaxing?

Unfortunately, no. I have to write something for this Sunday’s critique and I’ve actually had a few ideas kicking around my head that I want to at least outline or something. The work never ends, but it’s nice to have a sense of accomplishment. Time to chase it some more!

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