The Curse of Season Two

Well, this last month has been bananas.

Season 2 of The Genre Hustle launched and we’re only 4 episodes in (listen to the latest one here), but we’ve had great response so far. It’s very satisfying and empowering to have something you worked so hard at get any form of attention. It is, however, a lot of fucking work.

Let’s set aside the planning, recording, editing, mixing, publishing, and marketing of the podcast for a moment so I can tell you all about…


Last October, we recorded a handful of episodes so that we would have them in the bag and when it came time to launch season 2, we would be prepared. February rolls around, though, and we find out the audio files are corrupted. Nothing we can do and it was easy to miss when we recorded them because the artifacts (audio lingo for crackles and pops) didn’t start until 3-5 minutes into each episode and got progressively worse.

5 episodes down the tube, needing to be recorded, weeks before our planned release date.

Fine, whatever, shit happens and WE CAN DO THIS!

We start re-recording, get one episode done, break for lunch, and when we come back our audio interface is fried. DOA. Kaput.


We get another, it’s delivered in a few days, we make it work. We scramble. We put in the hours.

And we do it. Phew. Just in time.

Since then, there have been some hiccups, but it seems like we’ve broken the curse and, though I wouldn’t say it’s smooth sailing, we’re chugging along. After all that, to have the interaction with our audience we’ve had, to see the response to our episodes and the number of listens, has been amazing. It’s crazy to think we’d be at this point after only a year of doing this, but we’re excited for everything else that’s coming, too.

Of course, my blog writing has plummeted, but there’s only so many hours in a day, ya know?

I’ll try to keep in better touch with you all, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear what accomplishments you’ve had lately, what obstacles you’ve had to overcome, and how you did it!

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