2019: A Tasting

Let’s look forward.

Last blog post I talked about goals, 2018, 2019, organizing things, etc. Today, I want to talk about specific things on my horizon. There are many smaller changes that build on each other, but this time I want to discuss major projects.

Here we go.

First of all, The Genre Hustle podcast season 2 will be going live in February. We have seven episodes recorded with a plan of at least five more. We’re in the middle of editing and the first part of a two-part point-of-view episode should be dropping sometime next month.

We have some really, really fantastic guests this season, so far, with plans for even more. We’ve honed our format a little, extended the time, per popular request, and are excited to bring you another season of writers talking about writing!

On a more personal level, I’d like to talk about Rat.

My first novel is in editing hell right now, but instead of talking about how the editing process is going (I’ll do that next blog post) I want to say that, despite the struggles, I will be finishing my novel this year. Editing, beta readers, a professional edit, and then querying. That is on my horizon for 2019.

Finally, other projects.

I have a short story that is near finished. It is sitting on the back burner right now, but I am going to revisit it at some point this year and submit it. Murder Park After Dark Volume II will be coming out in the first half of this year, with another one of my short stories. In addition, when Rat is out being beta read, professionally edited, or being queried, I will be working on my next novel.

Stay tuned for my decision process with that.

All of this means I am going to be (attempting) to post more to this blog this year. More importantly, I have specific topics I want to cover, instead of just updates and rants. What does that mean for you? Better, more helpful content, a more focused blog, and more audience interaction.

Do you have questions about writing? Your WIP? Do you need to vent? Shoot me a comment down below or tweet me (@apthayer). We’re all in this together, after all.

Love you guys.

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