Quarterly Goals (Q2 2018)

One quarter finishes and another begins.

As you may have guessed, I did not do well this quarter. If you missed my earlier blog post on mental health, go ahead and check it out. It'll show you why Q2 2018 was a weak one for me.

Excuses don't count, though.

Q3 2018 has many of the same goals as Q2. Read more, write more, be healthier... but how can I give myself some easier wins? Goals that are both concrete and achievable? Shoot for the moon so you land among the stars, they say, but I say shoot for that wall right in front of you so that you get a feeling of success and don't just give up.

I've taken that into account for my writing. Smaller word count goals, more often, etc. I've added some broader goals, too, with a 3 month deadline. But what can I come up with that will be manageable and help develop good habits?

So, building on what I've been talking about recently, I'm going to think up a few quarterly goals that are more MMORPG-like in nature. "Easy" wins. Things I can check off to keep my momentum up.

Let's see how it goes.

A.P. ThayerComment