Short Stories, pt. III & Murder Park After Dark

I've got two short stories I'm working on, now.

One, a dreary tale of hopelessness, addiction, and enslavement, where the only freedom comes from death.

The other, a story about a fairy who steals socks.

I definitely have a favorite.

I've stalled on the first one. After several rewrites, I had to step away. I was at the point of wanting to delete the whole thing. Not that you can actually delete something in this day and age. Still, I'm glad I stepped away. I've calmed down and I'm going to tackle it again next week.

Then I outlined the sock fairy story and got way happier.

So, like everything, the more you practice, it easier it gets. I'm looking to submit one or the other to Writers of the Future before March 31st. I'll let you know how it goes.

In other news, I am now a published author!

My short story can be found in the pages of Murder Park After Dark, an anthology my writing group has put together. It's been edited, illustrated, and printed (Thanks again, Karter!). Pretty soon, it will be on Amazon, too! When it's for sale on Amazon, I'll post a link.

For now, I must get my, as my friend Anton calls it, "Gentleman's 500" in for the day.

A.P. Thayer