Short Stories, pt. I

Let's just put aside the fact that it's been six weeks since my last blog entry. Just sweep it under the rug. Never happened.

Don't worry. The panic and anxiety I felt at the realization was terrifying and shocking. I believe that's the longest I've gone without writing a blog since I started.

Not good.

Let's not wallow, though! There are things I would like to share with you.

So, in the midst of my critique group having the latest draft of my WIP and their notes beginning to come in, I found myself in a weird place. I needed a break from writing, true, but I also needed to keep writing. Know what I'm saying?

I didn't want to dive into the sequel to my first book because, well, that would be silly. The first one isn't finished, why would I start working on the second one? Right? Who would do that?

If you get that I'm calling someone out, I am.

Anyway, I wasn't going to work on book two of this series.

I dillied. I dallied. I wrote a little for other standalone novels in the same world. It was okay.

Then, my friend, fellow writer, and critique partner suggested two things to me:

1) Get out of your world.

2) Write a short story.


Only it wasn't. Short stories are god damned nightmares. The format, the style, the tone. They were a complete mystery to me. Even now, weeks after heading down the short story path, I feel like short stories are an enigma.

That being said, I am editing a short story and getting ready to begin submitting it. This will be my first experience with short story submissions, but I'm really pushing myself so I can get the experience of both writing a short story and trying to get it published.

It's late and I'm a little out of sorts now, but I will blog again soon for more details on that whole process.

Stay tuned.

A.P. Thayer