Jump on it!

Here we go! It’s National Novel Writing Month (or day 2 of it) and we’re off to the races. Or I am. Remind me to look up the history of that saying ‘cause it sounds ridiculous.

I had a strong opening day to NaNo. I woke up and did a sprint, hitting almost 600 words, before going to a write-in with my podcast co-hosts and writing group friends where I knocked out another 3400. I’m trying to keep that big energy for as long as possible, because I know that once November 15th rolls around things get slow.

What I’m happiest about, actually, is that I was able to dive back into Rat so easily. Just goes to show you’re your own worst enemy. Or I’m my own. I guess I can’t speak to you and your villains. All it takes is sitting down to write. Sure, there’s something magical about the chaos and fury of NaNo, but there’s nothing stopping me from treating every other month in the year like a mini-NaNo.

This just makes me think of the Spongebob meme.

How did your guys’ NaNo start? Are you hitting your goals? Just warming up? Or avoiding the mess altogether?

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