Untitled Manuscript

Jesus lord, my brain huts.

I've spent the evening trying to come up with a title for my WIP, to no avail. I've watched vlogs, read articles, made lists, brainstormed, and now I feel like my gray matter is leaking out my ears and nostrils.

What's worse, I'm no closer to having a title than when I started.

Sure, I know what the name of the "series" is. The name of the umbrella that contains the trilogy I have planned, the standalone novels, and the other potential series occurring in the multiverse I've created. No, I'm not going to tell you. I'm superstitious, after all.

Book 1, though, remains Untitled.


I had a title for it before.

Ascension: Blood

I almost drowned in the Young Adult-ness of it. I suppose I'll keep-- well, of course I'll keep working at it because I can't have a finished manuscript without a title. What I mean is, I think I'm going to give it a break for tonight, for the sake of my throbbing cranium.

Throbbing Cranium, the name of my punk rock band.

That's my cue! Until next time!

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