Upcoming Changes

Ever been in a position where you want to share what's going on, but everything is still up in the air? Where you're not sure what to say, but you feel the need to say something?

That's where I am right now.

I'm in the beginning of some big changes in my life. They weren't exactly a long time coming and it's happening quickly. I'm scared, anxious, excited, sickened, and relieved. I'm cautiously optimistic while being on the brink of overwhelmed. I'm sad and happy and dazed.

Could I be any more vague?

I mean, technically, sure.

I just don't want to get ahead of myself before I have more details to give you.

I guess what I can say is that I'm making some big changes in my life that should affect my emotional and mental stability, my health, and my writing. This will be an important week for me and could be the beginning of a brand new chapter in my life.

Stay tuned, folks.

A.P. ThayerComment