So, I managed to rock my Q3 goals, make my Q4 goals, and promptly fall out of writing completely.

In my defense, it's been a completely shit couple of weeks at my day job. I haven't felt this stressed out for this long a period in... possibly ever. I can usually bear stress pretty decently, or at least internalize it well, but it's been tough this time around. I've been making bad eating, sleeping, and personal decisions to give myself short term relief, which usually ends up exacerbating the stress in the long run. 

Tonight I've got my writing group and I'm hoping that'll kick me into gear again and that I'll start the habit of writing every day again. I can't tell if it's my mental health that's limiting my writing or my limited writing making my mental health worse or just a vicious cycle of the two. 

How do you manage things when they get like this? Assuming they do. How do you juggle your day job, your emotional and mental well-being, your writing, your social life, etc? Some weeks it's easy for me and then others it is a disaster. Are you able to recognize that and try to rise above? I consider myself lucky when I'm able to recognize it and it usually means I'm slowly climbing my way out of the slump. 

Maybe I'm finally climbing out of this slump.

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